Mary Cummins Madness

A headline list of the insanity called Mary Cummins:


  • Read Where Mary Cummins Appears to be Preparing for an Insanity Plea following the $6.1 MILLION Dollar Judgment Foremost Animal Rights Attorney, Randy Turner, Secured Against Her!
  • Mary Cummins Claims Her Socialite Mother is DEAD Despite the Fact She is Very Much Alive.  Mary Cummins Encourages People to “Turn Her Aged Mother Into the IRS” After It Is Discovered She is Alive and Well.
  • Mary Cummins Tries to Associate Billionaire Animal Activist Ady Gil with Wrongdoing.  When Ady Gil Denounces Mary Cummins She States Ady Gil is a LIAR.
  • FINANCIALLY ILLITERATE Mary Cummins Does not Understand the Written Word!  Read moronic ramblings of Mary Cummins:  “USDA did not clear Amanda Lollar of all wrong doing. In fact crazy Amanda Lollar sent an email to the USDA asking that they send her an email saying she was cleared of all wrong doing. They didn’t respond. Amanda Lollar and her nasty attorney Randy Turner try to bully the USDA. USDA finally kicked Bat World Sanctuary to the curb.” NOTE:  Delusional Mary Cummins Education Wildlife License DENIED.   It appears Mary Cummins cannot accept her wrongdoing and is trying to project her own VIOLATIONS onto innocent victims.
  • Los Angeles Real Estate Appraiser Mary Cummins Guilty of LIES, FRAUD, DECEIT – Mary Cummins Own Attorney Withdraws From Representing Her Due to Her BIZARRE ACCUSATIONS of Opposing Counsel, ie, “Because of her lies he had to testify for the other side!”  Mary Cummins Petitions the Courts for Her Attorney to Continue Representation; Attorney says, NO WAY!
  • Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, Cummins Real Estate Appraisals takes DONATIONS from the public despite the fact she runs a SUSPENDED NON PROFIT in the state of California and admits she is in debt to the State Franchise Tax Board!


Mary Cummins Exposed
Mary Cummins Makes Death Threats
Mary Cummins stalks Bat World Sanctuary

Mary Cummins stalks Amanda Lollar
Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates
Mary Cummins Malcontent
Mary Cummins Cyber-Stalker
Malicious Mary Cummins
Mary Cummins, Cyber-Monster
More on Mary Cumnmins
Mary Cummins Lies Exposed
Mary Cummins Animal Cruelty

Amanda Lollar, Amanda, Lollar, Bat World Sanctuary, Bat, World, Sanctuary, Bat World, Mineral Wells, Texas, lawsuit, complaint, animal cruelty,, website, official, Mary Cummins, Mary, Cummins, Animal Advocates, Animal, Advocates, Dorothy Hyatt, Kate Rugroden, Larry Crittenden, John Hyatt, Martin Rugroden, animal abuse, animal neglect, USDA, permit, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, Animal Welfare Act, violations, revoked, reprimand, restraining order, TRO, crazy, mentally ill, 5150, uneducated.  Mary Cummins made false reports to government agencies about Amanda Lollar and bat World Sanctuary. Mary Cummins has herself been reported for animal cruelty, animal abuse, animal neglect, violations of the Animal Welfare Act. She was investigated. Violations were found. California Department of Fish and Game suspended Mary Cummins’ permit for abusing a squirrel with no eyeballs, making false reports and other violations.  Mary Cummins Animal Advocates is suspended in the State of CA. Mary Cummins lost her CADFG Educational permit. Mary Cummins was reprimanded by California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins lies about her lack of education. Mary Cummins takes donations illegally.  Mary Cummins has failed classes in animal care. Mary Cummins is a cyber-stalker with serious mental problems.

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